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TamilNadu Engineering Admissions Counselling Code 3822

Management Team


As we stand on the threshold of yet another era in the development of Technology & Human Resources, we are eager to welcome the new knowledge era. Our chairman LION.K.Rajapradhapan is such an epitome of his Guru & Father Sriman. A.Krishnasamy. He carries the legendary of his father and the shoulders the responsibilities left behind by him .

He is simple by nature and caring is the guiding light to the members in the management. An Alumnus of Loyola College, Chennai LION.K.Rajapiradhapan values the need for education to Civilization/Humanity and does the needful to make a literate society in the path of his father. He always believes that the best quality of student can be found and moulded from the rural parts of India. According to him students from rural parts are self-made and hard-working. He thrives to provide these students with the quality and knowledge that a student is the urban parts would easily get


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